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Thank you for considering adopting from the Wellington Humane Society! There are so many benefits to adopting and we hope to help in any way that we can! We currently have dogs and cats only. Click on one to see what is currently available. Check back often as our animals are constantly being updated.


Specials & Discounts

Occasionally there are special discounts on animals. You can view any current specials HERE!

Dog on Blue


Click below to see what dogs are currently available. 

Cat on Green


Click below to see what cats are currently available. 

The Adoption Process

Look - Come in and visit our dogs and cats, or check them out on the website.

Application - If you are interested in meeting a dog or cat, fill out the online adoption application. You can list the specific dog or cat, or add a note with a particular interest (ie. small dog). This will speed up the adoption process. 


Visit - Once your application is submitted online, you will be contacted by an adoption coordinator to schedule a time to come in and meet the pet. Please note that applications are reviewed in the order they are submitted. 

Meet & Greet - If you are interested in adopting a dog and you currently have a dog, you will be required to do a meet and greet with the dogs. 


If you find a dog or cat that you are very interested in, you can place a hold on them ($50 for dogs & $10 for cats). That money will go toward the adoption fee but is not refundable.

Included in Adoption
  • Up-to-date shots:

    • DHPP/DAPP (dogs 8 weeks & older)

    • Bordetella (dogs 8 weeks & older)

    • FVRCP (cats 8 weeks & older)

    • Rabies (12 weeks and older)

  • Heartworm Test (dogs 6 months and older)

  • Microchip with Lifetime Registration

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery

  • One Flea/Tick Treatment

  • One Deworming Treatment

  • One Heartworm Preventative

  • Sample Bag of Science Diet Food

Although we go through a process of evaluating each pet, underlying health issues can occur. Just like any pet is susceptible to hereditary and environmental issues. Each pet (no matter where it comes from) should be treated respectfully and properly trained for its new environment.

Adoption Policies & Procedures

Our team is made up of part-time staff and lots of volunteers that dedicate their time to helping animals. We do our best to ensure each animal is adopted to a loving home that can care for the animal. In order to do this, there are policies and procedures that help the team make these decisions. We understand that you might be a veteran pet owner or specialize in areas, but these are the policies that have worked for our shelter and we feel are fair to adopters. Some of those policies include the following, but are not limited to:



  • Cats are to be inside the house only.

    • Barn cats/feral are the only exceptions and they are required to be ear-tipped.​

  • There may be additional policies for FIV+ felines.

  • Meet-and-greets are not required for cats. If you have other animals, ask one of our adoption team how to introduce the new family member!


  • Fenced yards are a bonus, but not always required. Some dogs may have this requirement based on many factors. 

  • Dogs are to be mostly inside. Lots of yard time is fine, but indoor sleeping is required.

  • If adopting/fostering a puppy from us that is not old enough for full vaccinations, you will need to supply a record of your current dog's vaccinations.

  • A meet-and-greet is required at OUR FACILITY if you currently have a dog when adopting one from us.


  • Applications must be filled out ENTIRELY and with correct information.

    • If you rent, you must list the landlord's name and contact information.​

    • You must put 3 references. 

    • This helps speed up the process and be more efficient for the adoption team & the adopter.

  • If you lie on the application, you will be DENIED.

  • If you are fostering one of our animals, there is a contract agreement that you must agree to and sign. If you break this contract, we will retrieve the animal and you will not be allowed to adopt or foster future animals.

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to adopt.​

  • We have the right to refuse any adoption!

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