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Can Donations

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Orscheln's Parking Lot (1203 W 8th St)

Behind Penny's Diner (1104 E 16th St)

How it works:

We have an amazing volunteer who dedicates his time to checking these bins a few times a week and hauling the cans to the All Metal Recycling container. Before our volunteer can empty the cans in this bin, he has to sort through them. This isn't always the easiest or cleanest job and we really appreciate him doing this!

This larger bin is supplied to us by All Metal Recycling. When this larger bin is full, we give All Metal a call and they swap it out for an empty one. We receive a check for these cans which helps us care for the animals.


What is Accepted
All Metal has VERY specific items they will take.

-Pop and beer cans ONLY!
-They WILL NOT take: glass, trash, food cans or pet food cans.

In order to continue this program we need the communities assistance in helping us make sure only pop and beer cans are put into the can bins.

Thank you for helping us raise money for the shelter animals!

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