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Our Dog Park

We are happy to offer a dog park to our community! Our dog park is located directly behind (north) of our building (203 W. Hillside, Wellington). It is a private park that we allow the public to use with some guidelines that are listed below. We use the park for shelter dogs as well, so please respect the rules and we hope that your dog enjoys the park! 


1. It is open to the public, but shelter dogs get priority.

Staff may close just one side for shelter dogs. Or if they need both sides they may ask you to leave. Please be courteous to our staff and dogs!

2. Shelter staff typically uses the park between 7-10am and 4-6pm daily.

These times may change due to weather and other factors. You are welcome to use the park during these times if no shelter dogs are present.

3. All dogs entering the park must be vaccinated.

The shelter dogs do not use the park until they are vaccinated and we ask that you do the same. Also, keep in mind that puppies that are not fully vaccinated should never be in public areas!

4. Please pick up after your dogs!

There are poop bags located near the trashcans on both sides of the park. If your dog chews up a toy please pick up that trash as well. Thank you!

5. We may close at random times.

We may close the shelter for random events or lawn care maintenance. If the gates are locked then DO NOT ENTER!

Thank you for your understanding!

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