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Fostering is not a lifelong commitment.  It’s a commitment to saving lives!

Opening your home to a dog or cat from the Wellington Humane Society means you have the opportunity to increase the quality of life for a homeless animal and open up much-needed space so that we can rescue another pet in need.  No special expertise is required in most cases.  Just a little extra time, extra space, and a great big heart!

Our fosters are a special part of our family!  There are numerous reasons why a pet needs a foster home.  Some are too young to hit the adoption floor.  They need some time to grow before they can be ready to meet their new family!  Others have come to us with a medical issue that needs addressing before we adopt them out.  Can you provide a soft place to crash while someone heals from a broken leg or puts on some much-needed weight?  That's what our fosters do for us!

Some pets are nervous and overly stressed out in a shelter environment.  We know they will shine in a foster home environment where they are comfortable and happy!  Can you provide a home environment while they wait for their forever family?

If you think Fostering may be the right fit for you, please click on the form button below to fill out our online DOG or CAT foster application. Or call during business hours to have staff help with the application if you cannot complete online. There is also a form for Special Needs Pets, click on the button to find out more information.


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