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Free Microchips!

Thanks to the Best Friends Network, we have 200 microchips for our Sumner County residents for free! We are excited to offer this for the holiday season! These microchips include a lifetime registration and an additional QR code tag that goes on the pet's collar as a second form of identification. This is to ensure a lost pet finds its way home!


  • Must be a Sumner County Resident.

  • This offer is first come, first serve and you must fill out the form below to register.

  • Cats and dogs are welcome!

  • All cats must be in a kennel and dogs must be leashed when you bring them in. If a dog needs a muzzle, please bring one.

Registration: CLICK HERE

Registration includes several dates/times to choose from. We will have dates/times available until we run out of microchips.

(You must fill out the form to be eligible for a free microchip.)


If you have any questions, let us know!


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