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Need Training with Your Pup?

The Wellington Humane Society is excited to partner with GoodPup for training that you can get in the comfort of your home over 1-1 video chat. Every dog is different and sometimes additional training is beneficial for you and your dog.

BONUS Discounts!

In partnering with GoodPup, we are able to get everyone a discount on their services for a free week of training! Use this link below to get the discount.

PAST ADOPTERS.... If you have adopted from us, you get not only 1 free week, but an additional 10% off all training for a lifetime! If you are a previous adopter, let us know that you are interested in training and we can send you the link to receive the week free plus 10% off. 


Email for link:

About GoodPup

Their mission is to help every dog and dog parent live their best lives together - so they created training that is effective, affordable, and rewarding. Their trainers are certified, vetted, and reviewed. A week of GoodPup private training costs about the same as a single group class at most pet stores. 

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