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We have a new Summer Intern Program for teens through adults. This would be great for students studying animal science, a great addition to your portfolio in the animal care field, anyone needing volunteer hours for an organization or class, or for the ultimate animal lover who wants to help out!

Participants will receive a certificate of completion with participation hours.

This is an UNPAID internship that gives interns access to the inner workings of an animal shelter and experience in this environment.

Summer Intern

Program Details

Below are a few of the benefits, tasks, and opportunities. Each intern will have assignments based on preference, ability, and age. Participants under 18 years old will need a guardian's approval.

  • Understand the daily operations of a shelter

  • Learn basic animal care

  • Learn animal enrichment & behavior

  • Observe surgeries (Restrictions apply)

  • Participate & help plan events and outings

  • Learn & help with social media & marketing

  • Animal cuddles & kisses are free for participating!

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