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Jordan's Way is coming to the Wellington Humane Society for a fundraising event! Proceeds from this event will go toward the daily functions of the shelter and help more animals in our community!

This event is designed to be informative and fun! There are several activities and challenges that you will want to watch or participate in. See how you can participate below! Then join in the LIVE Facebook stream during the event! 


Friday, February 24, 2023

6:00-9:00pm CT

You can donate until Saturday, March 4th!


Watch LIVE on our Facebook stream or

Stop by in person from 6-9pm to donate or participate!


Purchase a pie for a guest or staff member!
Or put them in kennel jail!



LIVE Event!

Donate $50 or more and be entered into a raffle drawing!

Our Fundraising Goals & Activities!

Help us reach each goal and then watch the activities LIVE on our Facebook Stream!

CLICK HERE to go to our Facebook Page

Level 1: $100 - LEVEL COMPLETED!

Activity: Catnip for all cats!

Level 2: $300 - LEVEL COMPLETED!

Activity: Pup cups for all dogs! 

Level 3: $500 - LEVEL COMPLETED!

Activity: All dogs get a hamburger!

Level 4: $700 - LEVEL COMPLETED!

Activity: Spray cheese dog race!

Level 5: $1000 LEVEL COMPLETED!

Activity: Dogs get to lick whip cream off staff members' faces!

Level 6: $1200 - LEVEL COMPLETED!

Activity: Cat's lick treat off staff members' faces!

Level 7: $1500 - LEVEL COMPLETED!

Activity: Office Manager does the ice bucket challenge!

Level 8: $1700 - LEVEL COMPLETED!

Activity: Dogs and staff catch hot dog contest

Level 9: $2000 - LEVEL COMPLETED!

Activity: Staff gets to pie director!

Level 10: $3000 - LEVEL COMPLETED!

Activity: Director does the ice bucket challenge!

Level 11: $4000 - LEVEL COMPLETED!

Activity: Staff gets to egg the Director!

Level 12: $5000 - Ultimate Goal! - LEVEL COMPLETED!!!!

Activity: Director - Jodie Hearlson will stay the night in a dog kennel!

LEVEL 13: $10,000 - Ridiculous Goal! 

Activity: The ENTIRE SHELTER STAFF stays the night at the shelter! AND Volunteer Jess will SHAVE HER HEAD!!

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