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ASPCA Mobile App

Poison Control for Pets

Note: You should ALWAYS consult with your vet in an emergency! This app is strictly a resource to help.

The ASPCA has a mobile app that is free to download to any smart device! The app can help owners quickly identify over 300 potential everyday hazards, provide crucial information about the severity of the problem and critical next steps. CLICK HERE for their website.

The app features:

  • A searchable database of hundreds of substances

  • Details for each toxin

  • Color-coding to help identify toxins of most concern

  • Chocolate & rodenticide poison calculators to determine severity level

  • One-touch speed dialing to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

  • And more...

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ASPCA Poison Control Hotline

There is an ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Hotline for a cost.

888-426-4435 ($$ Consultation Fees will apply)

Available 24 hours, 365 days

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