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These animals are NOT at the Humane Society - the pound is a different entity and location.

Are you missing a pet in Wellington or Sumner County? This is a list of current pets that were picked up or relinquished to the Wellington Pound/Wellington Animal Clinic.

The Wellington Humane Society is working with the Wellington Pound/Wellington Animal Clinic to bring awareness to the lost pets in Wellington & Sumner County. Below are the animals who have been brought into the pound and their time limits to be euthanized. The City of Wellington contracts 5 days for strays to be at the pound and then they become property of the Wellington Animal Clinic. They try to find homes before they have to euthanize due to finances and space. We want to help people locate their lost pets as well as save the pets that go unclaimed at the pound. 


YOU CAN HELP THE POUND BY DONATING items and money to keep these pets longer than their limit! Call 620-326-3021 to donate by credit/debit over the phone. Or stop by during regular business hours. It costs time and money to house these animals.


YOU CAN HELP BY FOSTERING! The Wellington Humane Society doesn't have room for these pets, but if you can foster them at your home, we can pull them and give them the time they need to find a loving home!

Animals Lost/Found
(Wellington Pound)

Information About this Partnership

The Wellington Humane Society pulls animals from the pound when we can, but we have very limited space and are often full, so that is not always possible. We do accept fosters for anyone willing to foster one of these pets for our humane society and that would allow us to pull them from being euthanized. 

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