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Dog Walker

Spay & Neuter Programs

Public Pet Option

Spaying or neutering is a surgical procedure for pets to prevent unwanted litters, help pets live healthier lives, and to help control the animal population.

The shelter offers a low-cost spay/neuter service to low-income families and individuals who make less than $50,000 per year per household in Sumner County, KS. Click the button below to fill out the application. Or you may come to the shelter to ask for a paper copy in person. You will need to provide proof of income. Once approved for services, an appointment for procedures will be made with our contracted veterinarian and for a reduced fee, we will get your pet fixed. Due to the cost of veterinarian services, there are a limited number of low-cost spays/neuters per month, so there may be a waiting period. There are a few optional services listed below that you can select during your appointment.

Costs range depending on sex and size of dog.

Dogs $80-$140

Cats $50-$100

TNR Program Option

We are also offering a $50 spay/neuter service for feral and neighborhood cats in Sumner County. We are working to fix the large feral population by helping to make this service more affordable. There is no income limit to this service, but it must be a feral or neighborhood cat. (Neighborhood cat = cat that has no owner but is friendly and several people may feed.) These cats will have their ear tip clipped to recognize them as fixed feral/neighborhood cats. If you want to learn more about TNR, visit our webpage HERE. Click on the button below to fill out the application.

Optional Services

There are a few other services that are optional during your pet's visit. You can select these services on the application for an additional cost. 

Microchip $20

DHPP (dogs) $15

Bordetella (dogs) $15

FVRCP (cats) $15

Pain medication dog $10

Pain medication cat $15

Heartworm Test $15

Nail Trim $10

Cone $5

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