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TNR Program

Are you willing to trap ferals in your area so that we can fix them? Fill out our form to get started making a difference in your area! CLICK HERE to signup and learn more!

The Benefits...

There are several benefits of a TNR program including:

  • Reduces unwanted litters that fill already full shelters & rescues

  • Reduces the population of feral cats in the neighborhoods

  • Reduces the predator population in your area such as coyotes & fox

  • Reduces cat diseases & illnesses that can affect domestic cats like feline immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), and feline leukemia (FelV)

  • Improves cat's lives by not having the urge to mate

  • Reduces the need for fighting

  • Reduces the stray cats that fill up the local pound

What is TNR?

TNR stands for Trap, Neuter, Release. This program is meant to help control the feral cat population in your neighborhood creating a healthier habitat for them. Cats are caught, then brought in to be neutered or spayed, given a rabies vaccination, then rereleased into the area they came from. The vet will clip the tip off one of one ear so that people will know this cat has been fixed.

Over time, the current population will begin to go down and those cats become better neighbors without the need to fight and mate. This is not an immediate answer, but a humane way to help the feral and neighborhood population in a community. 

Get Involved!

It takes many people to make the TNR Program work! The Wellington Humane Society is partnering with locals to get this going in Sumner County! The communities can support this mission by donating money, food, traps, or volunteer hours trapping and working with the local populations.

It will take community and city support to make a real impact! Be sure to talk to your local city council members and voice your support.

Take the Survey to help us know where the feral colonies are in your community!

Let’s Work Together

Get on the List!

The Wellington Humane Society offers $50 spay/neuter services to feral or neighborhood cats for Sumner County residents. No proof of income is required! Cats will be marked as feral by clipping the tip of their ear.

We schedule this surgery once a month and have limited spots. You can submit your application through the spay/neuter form and select the feral/neighborhood box. 

Funding Assistance -
Spay USA  

Spay USA has a grant program to help reduce the cost of fixing feral cats. With our low-cost program and this grant, the fee is minimal and helps your community! The submission is open each month from the 1st through the 15th to apply.  

Trap Program

If you would like to help by donating a trap, this program will help you do that! It takes several traps used by the community to catch the feral cats. We currently only have 2 and those are always borrowed out. This is an extreme need and will help the TNR program excel! 

Click the button below to go the Trap Program website.

  • Click "Donate a Trap Search"

  • Enter "Sumner County" into the "Location" field and click Search

  • Select "Sumner County KS Community Cat Project"

  • Select an item to purchase and it will be shipped directly to us!

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