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Fresh Step Rewards Program

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If you are a cat owner and use Fresh Step Kitty Litter, you can help our shelter cats with their Paw Points Rewards program! The points that we get can be used toward toys, litter, cat beds, and more for our shelter cats! When you purchase the litter, there is a code on the package. Fresh Step boxes over 28 lbs have a code on the inside right panel. Bags have a code on the inside package and 4-packs have a code on the inside of the shrink-wrap on the bottom.

  • Go to

  • Set up free account

  • Hover over ‘Paw Points Rewards’ in the top menu and select ‘Donate‘

  • Enter Zip Code ‘67152’ in the field and click ‘Go’

  • Sort by Distance to quickly find

  • Select ‘Wellington Humane Society’ from the list

  • Set as your preferred Shelter

  • Upload receipts, then once you get 200 points you can donate toward the shelter

Our Code is: SHELTERBONUS1725

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