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Relinquishing a Pet

Dog Lover

There are many reasons that a pet owner might find themselves in a situation where their pet needs to be re-homed. The humane society offers this service for dogs and cats of any age. You must fill out the form below as honestly as possible. This will ensure we find the proper home for your pet. Some pets have special needs or require a specific home, so all known information about the pet is vitally important! There is a fee for relinquishing a pet (listed below). This fee helps cover costs associated with rehoming a pet such as daily maintenance & care, spay/neuter, current shots, medical, and any other services needed. At this time, we only take dogs and cats. We are a no-kill shelter and work hard to find homes for each pet. *We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 

*Please Note - We are at capacity with cats and dogs most of the time so there is a waitlist and it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to have room for your pet. Thank you for your patience!

Watch for Call/Email!

After you fill out the form above, you will be placed on the waitlist and you will need to watch for an email or phone call in the next few weeks once a spot is available.


If you need to cancel your spot on the list at any time, call 620-440-4375 or email Calling and waiting on replies to emails can take a lot of time for staff and delays the time to get another person called. Thank you for your cooperation! 

Relinquishment Fees


  • Cat/kitten (per animal): $20

  • Pregnant Cat $30

  • Litter of 3 or more Kittens (up to 1-year-old) $10 per Kitten


  • Dog/puppy (per animal) $50

  • Pregnant Dog $60

  • Litter of 3 or more Puppies (up to 1-year-old): $15 per Puppy


*If you are having financial issues, we may be able to help. Please mention this to the staff members that contact you or put a note on the relinquishment form. 

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